Quarry Products

Crushed Rock:

Comes in brown and grey and in a variety of grades and sizes.
Talk to us regarding your requirements.

20mm Grey

Crushed Rock - 20mm Grey

20mm Brown

Crushed Rock - 20mm Brown


40mm Grey

Crushed Rock - 40mm Grey











Crusher Dust:

Crusher dust is a mix of small crushed rock and fines, when compacted binds together well and creates a strong stable surface .
Used for driveway and path toppings, tank bases, synthetic lawn base under slabs and trench back fill.

Dust Brown

Crusher Dust Brown

Dust Grey

Crusher Dust Grey



Screenings are a rock product that comes in different sizes and used for drainage and landscape purposes.

7mm Screenings

7mm Screenings Grey

14mm Screenings

14mm Screenings Grey

14mm Screenings Brown

14mm Screenings Brown

20mm Screenings

20mm Screenings Grey


Is a heavy duty drainage

Dromana Toppings grey and brown pics