Our Firewood is measured with a loader that is fitted with scales to guarantee accurate quantities are supplied.
All wood is 100% seasoned and ready to burn. We sell kindling by the bag.

A study of the greenhouse gas emissions of firewood was carried out by the CSIRO in 2003 for the Australian Greenhouse Office.  The report from this study
 Life Cycle Assessment of Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Domestic Woodheating shows that firewood can release less carbon dioxide than all other sources of heat energy.
There is no need to feel guilty if you love a wood fire!

Firewood is not a fossil fuel - it emits the same amount of greenhouse gases whether burnt or left to rot on the forest floor, unlike gas & electricity which are fossil fuels. And all the time it is growing back, it is the ultimate in renewable energy!!

RedgumRed Gum:  Is a popular and reliable firewood, favored by many as a consistent, slow and hot burning firewood.

YellowRedbox MixYellowbox/Redbox/Ironbark Blend:  This blend is slower, hotter burning wood with little or no smoke and low emissions.  It also creates minimal ash, which means less cleaning.